Live On Purpose.




Work experience:

  • T-Mobile – Sales Associate (current)
  • Upscale Academy – JavaScript Curriculum Writer
  • Colorado State Senate – Legislative Intern
  • Simply Mac – Senior Sales Consultant
  • Rocky Mountain Collegian – Opinion Columnist


  • – Software Engineering Track Bootcamp Student (current)
  • Colorado State University – Communication Studies Bachelor of Arts, English and Business Administration Minors

Development Languages and Frameworks:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • JavaScript
  • HTML, CSS, Jade, SASS
  • AngularJS
  • jQuery
  • Meteor
  • Firebase
  • Alexa Skills Kit
  • Swift

Get In touch:


My name is Dan Rice. I am a software developer and writer from Loveland, Colorado. Welcome to my portfolio!

This website is a lot of different things for me. Initially, it was simply the home of my blog and portfolio for Bloc, the coding bootcamp I currently attend. It is still those things. Each of the projects I have completed is described in the Work section of the site, complete with links to the source code of the projects.

But I want this website to be more than that. Since it has my name on it, I feel it should give you a complete picture of me and the core values I want to bring to the world, not just a narrow understanding of my Bloc projects and my experience making them. Those core values are to:

  • Stay organized.
  • Keep a schedule.
  • Be responsible with one's finances.
  • Value simplicity and minimalism.
  • Practice gratitude for all that we have.
  • Eat right and exercise, for the body and the mind.
  • Maintain healthy relationships and eliminate toxic ones.
  • Be a thermostat, not a thermometer.
  • Remember to enjoy life while managing these responsibilities.

In short, I value acting with intention, not the impulsive moment. I value the goals that must be forever pursued, that are the hardest to achieve. I value empowering people to change their own lives instead of blaming others for their problems. I value thinking things through. I value living on purpose.

I hope this redesign of the site already reflects these values. I wanted it to be minimal and clean without diminishing its functionality, and I wanted it to be easier to maintain than some of the older versions. I feel I have achieved those goals. And while I will continue to add to my coding portfolio and expand on themes already present in my blog, I plan to make this site encompass all of the values I listed above, not just the handful I have thus far touched on, so that it reflects the change I want to make in the world.

I hope you enjoy it. Thank you for your time.