My name is Dan Rice. I am a software developer and writer from Loveland, Colorado. Welcome to my portfolio!

Right now, I am employed as a Developer Lead at Radial Development Group. When I am not working, I like to learn about code, write stories, play video games, and spend time with my fiancĂ©e, Aarica (pronounced like Erica).

As you can see, this site is home to my blog, my software portfolio, and my writing portfolio. I learned to code at Bloc, an online coding bootcamp that teaches software development in the Ruby and JavaScript programming languages, and am continuing to learn as a Junior Developer at Radial. I learned to write through my Bachelor of Arts at Colorado State University, where I received a Communication Studies major, an English minor, and a Business Administration minor. I also got some professional experience as a writer when I worked as an Opinion Columnist for CSU's Rocky Mountain Collegian, and as a Legislative Intern at the Colorado State Senate.

That, and I read Harry Potter about a million times as a kid, so J.K. Rowling probably deserves at least some of the credit.

If you're here for the software, my portfolio showcases some of the visuals and the details of how I solved the coding problems I encountered in building them. The source code can be found on my GitHub.

If you're here for the writing, I hope you enjoy the blog. I have a few short stories in the fiction section, and plan to add more when I get the time. I will also be adding some sample chapters of a novella I am working on soon.

If you like what you see and want to get in touch with a driven INTJ kind of guy, don't hesitate to reach out through the social media links! I'd love to talk about anything on this site. Or Harry Potter, Breaking Bad, Silicon Valley, Rise Against, Apple gadgets, or Nintendo games, because I'm into those things, too.

Thanks for your time,